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Comes with a cloud-based service for keeping your data in sync.

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Looking for the ReachView 3 app?
It is Emlid Flow now

All existing installations will update automatically. Upgrade to the Survey subscription to unlock new features or keep working as before with the forever Free version.


Efficient data collection and stakeout


Efficient data collection and stakeout


Collect data and create linework on the go

Measure and move ahead with just a few taps. You can use either predefined geometry types or a full-blown code library, whatever suits your needs.

Line stakeout

Navigating to a line is intuitive. With our visual guides, you can perform stakeout with an offset. The distance along the line indication will help you stake out with chainage.


Add codes to your data
Forget about memorizing code lists. Your whole library is always at your fingertips

Add codes, quickly switch between different object codes, start new lines, and continue collecting existing ones. Upload your custom code library or use a standard one built into Emlid Flow with more than a hundred codes available from the start.

Add codes on the go

No survey library is perfect, so you can always create new codes on the go
right in your survey project.


Work with different background maps

Upload topographic maps, cadastral plans, and aerial imagery from WMS and WMTS sources or work with a built-in satellite map.


Adjust your coordinate system to fit the control points

Find or adjust missing or outdated local coordinate system parameters. Depending on the data provided, Emlid Flow automatically chooses the calibration algorithm that delivers the best accuracy.
All residuals are placed on a single screen, so you have the full context while you adjust.


Inverse & Traverse tools

Work with survey plans, quickly adjust designs in the field, or simply review data for informed decision making. Tools allow you to create new geometry directly in the app with specified distance and direction, find coordinate geometry attributes such as area, distance, direction, slope, and more.


Auto collection

Set time or distance interval for automatic point collection. Walk, drive, bike or sail while Emlid Flow collects data for you.


Stakeout reports

Save points directly from stakeout mode and export the deltas as a CSV report.

User reviews

Reach View 3 App
James Lamping California, USA

Emlid has redesigned the app ReachView 3 so that it is no longer a web app, but a fully native iOS or Android app. This means that you can view and export your survey points from your phone even after you disconnect from your receiver! Another really great feature that was added is the ability to choose your coordinate system and vertical datum!

Reach View 3 App
Rory Gillies Scotland, UK

We had a job observing control points for an aerial survey. It went great, surveyed straight to ETRS89 with Lerwick height. It was close to gale force winds but surveying with the RS2 is fun in any weather!

  • “Just started using the emlid 3.0 app. It’s really really good. Nice work!”

    Carl Preusser Founder & CEO
    at New Septic
  • “Emlid has developed an upgraded app ReachView 3. It's easy to use. It has all you need for survey/mapping. Datum, projection, and geoid.”

    Ahmad Firdaus Surveyor
    at Jalal Johari Consultants Sdn Bhd
  • “I just installed the new 
ReachView 3 app. 
It is great!”

    Dr. Hector R. Hinojosa Principal Geoscientist
    at Cordillera Geo-Services
  • “I currently use my iPhone with the ReachView app, and it works great.”

    Rob Camirand President
    of RC Drone Services
  • “It works brilliantly. I tested all the EPSG codes I need nationally, and it also allows to download a 2mb height set with a custom vertical EPSG. I use NTRIP and get a fix immediately. I switched completely from our other gear, as this is much faster. I can actually argue that I spend less than half the time surveying now.”

    Aleksander Johansen Technology Innovation Manager
    at Digital Capital

Emlid Flow is the single app you’ll need in the field
Configure and control Reach receivers


Create projects in the office
with cloud-based Emlid Flow 360 Collect data in the field with your smartphone using Emlid Flow

Emlid Flow handles all the fieldwork: data collection, coding, linework, and staking; while keeping your data in sync with Emlid Flow 360. Access your projects from the browser, manage code lists, WMS layers, and coordinate systems.
Forget about manually transferring files from controllers—Emlid Flow works offline and synchronizes data to Emlid Flow 360 as soon as your phone is back online.


Sync your data and use up to 3 survey devices

Discharged smartphone isn't a problem anymore. You can use any device with Emlid Flow!

Just log into your account and get all your projects, NTRIP profiles, and custom coordinate systems from the сloud. Your Survey subscription is also linked to your account. No additional actions are needed.

Choose your version


For simple projects requiring points only
or post-processing.

Emlid Flow

  • Collect and stakeout points
  • Coordinate systems, geoids, and grid shifts
  • Base shift
  • Export and import in CSV, DXF, and SHP
  • Built-in NTRIP client
  • Full control of Reach receivers

Emlid Flow 360

  • Project management and auto sync
  • Export and import of survey data


For advanced surveying.
All the benefits of Free version are included.

A single subscription for Emlid Flow and Emlid Flow 360.

Emlid Flow

  • Collect and stakeout lines
  • Add survey codes on the go
  • Use WMS/WMTS layers
  • Satellite map
  • Localization
  • Inverse & Traverse
  • Stakeout reports

Emlid Flow 360

  • Upload code libraries
  • Satellite map
  • Use WMS/WMTS layers
  • Inverse & Traverse
  • Stakeout reports
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